It was one of my favorite findings so far. After complete exploitation I was able to control the Mobile App. So let’s see the complete process.

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It was on a Pentest project, When I was listing all the aquisitions, domains and everything related to that organization, I found a Mobile App. So as I was always doing I have downloaded the APK of that app to do the static analysis (Actually just checking weather the firebase is set properly or not), but interestingly found a new domain that has not been found earlier. Hmm interesting .. It was a subdomain…

Hi hackers,

Let’s see how to make money by hacking

You are here because you wanna be a hacker and earn money legally. So let’s get into it. When I get started it took me a while due to the lack of basics because I didn’t had any background in it.

I was able to get the basics from blogs and Udemy courses, but after all that when I started to hack on real websites I was stuck with what should I do now? I got stuck after finding subdomain and signing up. I didn’t made out what should I…

Today I am gonna explain about getting duplicates in reporting bugs. This is purely my experience and how am I overcoming that

My reports on an external program

When I started learning to hack I heard everywhere that “Duplicates are common in Bug Bounty”, but till I get a duplicate I didn’t realized how demotivating that is. There are some guys who takes duplicates as motivation, they are just awesome.

When I started getting duplicates, I felt nothing but when everything I report is a duplicate I felt too much demotivated and became mad at myself. But once I reported 5 bugs to a company and…

If you want your first bug to be a critical one, read this carefully. Finding a critical bug is one of my dream when I started learning and this is how I got it.

Hello hackers, if you haven’t read other posts on this series check those out here. When I started learning web hacking I heard the word CVE and I didn’t understood that very much, as usual I just leaved that and after some time I come across Insider PHD’s videos on cves

But that too didn’t took my attention to hunt for cve’s. After some long…

Buff — HackTheBox (User and Root Flag ) Write-Up

I experienced some problems while hacking this machine (Buff) on HackTheBox. Took me 2 days to get the root flag, Not really needed the problem is mine. So I thought of writing the step by step procedure to find the flags easily. Let’s learn together. So let’s get straight into the process.

If you are new to HackTheBox go to Access and download your connection pack and run

sudo openvpn <user-name.ovpn>

when we go to the machine tab you can see the Buff there and will get the IP as

Buff machine details

I find a program having responsible disclosure policy and after selecting I spend my time and effort on searching for vulnerabilities and reported them But they aren’t even replying to my mail. Have you ever experienced such problem?

Taken from other site

This is most useful for beginners, since most are looking for companies having responsible disclosure programs so that it’s not much hard to find a vulnerable part when comparing with a program on platforms like Hackerone, Bugcrowd, Intigriti, etc. Because you know in these platforms there are a ton of awesome hackers and the competition is comparatively high. …

Let’s learn to hack with open redirect.

After the 1st post of Find Your First Bug series I got so good responses and that made me to write more. Haha so let’s get straight into the subject.

According to Portswigger Open redirect is described as; Open redirection vulnerabilities arise when an application incorporates user-controllable data into the target of a redirection in an unsafe way. An attacker can construct a URL within the application that causes a redirection to an arbitrary external domain. This behavior can be leveraged to facilitate phishing attacks against users of the application. …

Hey guys, I know you are probably reading this because you want to find your first bug. I am planning to write a series regarding this which will show you vulnerabilities that can be found out easily and hope I can do this and you will like the series

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I am not a pro hacker to teach you, but I like to give back to the community since I learned from this community. So let’s get straight into the subject.

A Subdomain Takeover is defined as Subdomain takeover attacks are a class of security issues where an attacker is able…


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