Bug Bounty course 2021 — Make money by hacking

2 min readJan 4, 2021


Hi hackers,

Let’s see how to make money by hacking

You are here because you wanna be a hacker and earn money legally. So let’s get into it. When I get started it took me a while due to the lack of basics because I didn’t had any background in it.

I was able to get the basics from blogs and Udemy courses, but after all that when I started to hack on real websites I was stuck with what should I do now? I got stuck after finding subdomain and signing up. I didn’t made out what should I test for or how to approach a target, that’s the main problem I come across on my journey. That really affected my mind and felt burnt out oh god !!. really none of a single source of knowledge helped me for that.

So if you are one like the old me, it’s time to start hacking. I made a 10 hour course on Udemy which is the cheep course that you can find on the wild. My aim is to make all who have a passion of hacking or bug bounty or web application penetration testing their dream or passion to come true. Yes you will definitely be able to find bugs after only with what you will get from the course.

If you are an absolute beginner or noob you will be able to learn.

Just try it, there is a 30 day money back guarrenty offered by Udemy, so if you think it isn’t worth ( definitely won’t ) no problem. Check it out here


The course includes

Basics of web

Owasp Top 10

Basics of vulnerabilities

Bug Bounty working

Bug bounty platforms

Many Vulns with examples

How to approach a target

Asset discovery

and many more

I spend a lot time in making the course and if it get’s enough reach I will add more tutorials into it.

You can find the 10 hour course by clicking here